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Content Restoration Specialists for the Santa Cruz Area

Content restoration is an important part of returning your life back to normal after fire or water damage to your property. We will determine the best techniques for treating your belongings, depending on the source and extent of the damages.

If there is minor damage, cleaning onsite is a quick and efficient method of content restoration. However, even a small fire that causes little structural damage can create widespread smoke and odor problems. Our services include emergency pre-cleaning to determine what is cleanable on your property, or if more extensive content restoration methods are necessary.

In the case of severe conditions, including heavy smoke or structural damage, or if there are security concerns, a packout may be required for content restoration. A packout is an industry term for removing items from your property and taking them to our facility for complete content restoration.

If a packout is required, we conduct a detailed inventory of your property before carefully packing and taking it to our facility. Your items are then cleaned, deodorized, inspected and repacked as part of the content restoration process. Then we’ll store your items until it is time to return them to your dwelling.

Content Restoration