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Smoke Damage and Deodorizing Experts in Santa Cruz 


Everyone understands the destruction the fire itself can do. The chemistry of the black smoke created by household fires is also a destructive force.

Our team of trained smoke, residue and odor removal professionals understand the complex chemistry of household fires. This enables us to act appropriately in your specific circumstances.


In a complex material (home) fire, the acidic gases given off by the burning of synthetic materials combines with heat and water vapor to penetrate the cracks and crevices. When the surfaces cool, the gases condense and form a corrosive chemical residue.

These chemicals can permanently damage many sensitive surfaces, including machinery and tools, precision instruments, household appliances, and marble, glass and aluminum surfaces.

smoke damage


Another common by-product of any fire is soot, which is comprised of carbon and various other chemicals that are incompletely burned. Some soot particles are dry and can be vacuumed effectively, but most are combined with grease and oils and cannot be vacuumed up.

Those situations will require that a special cleaning solution be used. One that reacts with the oil and grease to releases the carbon particles, creating a water-soluble product that can then be washed away. Thick soot deposits may require physical removal by hand.