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You Bought a Hoarder's Home: 3 Professional Cleaning Services You Need


Hoarding is more than simply collecting a variety of items and allowing one's living space to become cluttered, it's a mental disease that is extremely difficult to treat. There are over six million hoarders in the US alone, and many hoarders (and their practices) are not discovered until loved ones intervene, or the hoarder passes away, or the hoarder is forced to move from their premises.

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Buying a Smoker's Home? 5 Tips to Combat Smells


Buying a home that was previously owned by a smoker can feel like a risky move. If no action is taken, the smell of smoke can persist for a long time after cigarettes have stopped being smoked on the property.

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How Gray Water Can Affect You


Clean-Tec Restoration & Cleaning in Santa Cruz helps you understand the problems gray water can have on your health if left inside your home for long.